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Female photographer in Asheville NC photographing an outdoor wedding


my mission


I have a real passion for seizing those incredibly special, intimate details of your wedding day. This time is about you and your partner, a celebration of love, and I believe in capturing every moment so that not a single memory slips through the cracks. My goal is for you to live fully in the moment, basking in the love and joy of your special day, free from any worries. Rest assured, every laugh, every tear, and every dance move will be there for you to relive through your beautiful photos!

What sets me apart from other wedding photographers? My love for blending meticulous planning with a dose of spontaneity to make your photography experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Yes, your wedding day is bound to have its share of nerves, but your time in front of the camera shouldn't. By choosing me as your wedding or elopement photographer, you're signing up for a perfect mix of professionalism and fun. I'm all about keeping us on schedule and ensuring we capture all those essential shots and moments, but trust me, we'll enjoy every step of the journey together.

Photographer posing sitting on a window sill holding her camera and looking out the window


My photography journey began at Western Carolina University, balancing life as a Cross Country and Track athlete while diving deep into education and art. College wasn't just about textbooks for me; it was where I first got my hands on a camera and discovered the thrill of capturing moments. Summer breaks meant swapping running shoes for a camera, as I joined a white water rafting company to photograph families and friends having the time of their lives.

After college, I found myself in the world of teaching fourth graders. It was rewarding but didn't quite match the adrenaline rush of photography. I missed the creativity, the art, and the excitement. That longing led me back to my true passion, marking the beginning of Deanna Becraft Photography

Photography is my magic—transforming fleeting moments into treasures for a lifetime. From the sweetness of new beginnings to the thrill of engagements, my heart has found its rhythm in wedding photography. There's unparalleled joy in capturing your love story, each emotion, and detail. While I embrace all photography, weddings are where my soul sings. Let’s weave your love story into photographs that speak volumes.

When I'm not capturing the memories of others, you can find me spending time with my husband and our two kids, Eleanor and Emerson, and our pets— Phish the cat, and Bear the dog. I find joy in the simple things, and food and sarcasm are most definitely my love languages. That's enough about me, I'd love to get to know you!

eloped couple
newlyweds standing on a mountain rock in the fog

let's make some magic!



Ready to bring your wedding day or elopement to life through photos that speak volumes? Get in touch and let's start this beautiful adventure of capturing your love story, one magical moment at a time.

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