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Eloping in Asheville North Carolina

Updated: Jul 12

couple eloping in asheville nc

Why Eloping in Asheville, NC is the Perfect Choice for Your Special Day

Eloping in Asheville, NC, is a sure-fire way to make your wedding or elopement day memorable and unique. Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers countless breathtaking locations for your intimate ceremony. Here are some compelling reasons to consider eloping in Asheville, NC.

Elopements Are Getting More and More Popular

Elopements are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas. The amount of drop-dead gorgeous, serene, and breathtaking places you and your partner can elope in is unreal. From the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway to hidden gems like Craggy Gardens, there are endless options for an unforgettable elopement in Western North Carolina.

Hiring an elopement photographer is the icing on the wedding cake (pun intended!). A professional photographer ensures that every precious moment of your big day is captured, allowing you to focus on each other and the stunning scenery. Weddings have become increasingly more expensive, with the wedding industry worth billions. Elopements are becoming more common among millennials and younger generations due to various reasons, including the rising costs of traditional weddings, a desire to break away from tradition, and the wish to avoid the stress of extensive wedding planning.

Couples who choose to elope often share common goals: they want their biggest day to be on their terms, stress-free, intimate with few or no guests, and set in a location that feels right to them. For many, this perfect spot is often in the mountains. Searches for "elopements in the mountains" and "elopement photography ideas" have surged, highlighting the growing trend towards intimate, nature-focused ceremonies.

Hiring An Elopement Photographer is A Must-Have

Hiring an elopement photographer for your elopement in Asheville or Western North Carolina is essential. Having someone there to capture all the little moments throughout the day, while you’re busy enjoying being in the moment, is priceless. Your elopement photographer will capture all the aspects of the day— you and your spouse, the location, the rings, the vows, and everything that makes up your wedding day. These memories, frozen in time, are treasures you can look back on for the rest of your life.

If hiring an elopement photographer is one of the few expenses you decide to splurge on, here are some stunning locations in Asheville and Western North Carolina that might be perfect for your special day:

Top Places to Elope in Asheville and Western North Carolina

  1. Grove Park Inn: This historic hotel offers stunning views and luxurious amenities, making it a perfect spot for an elegant elopement.

  2. Biltmore Estate: The grandeur of America’s largest home and its beautiful gardens provide a fairytale backdrop for your vows.

  3. Blue Ridge Parkway: With endless spots to choose from, this scenic drive offers breathtaking mountain views.

  4. River Arts District, Asheville: For a more urban feel, the artistic vibe of this district offers a unique and colorful setting.

  5. Downtown Asheville: The vibrant city center with its historic architecture and charming streets makes for a lively and picturesque elopement.

  6. Craggy Gardens: Known for its stunning rhododendron blooms and panoramic views, it’s a favorite for nature lovers.

  7. Cataloochee Valley: A secluded spot with rich history and roaming elk, perfect for a serene and intimate ceremony.

  8. Chimney Rock: With a 315-foot monolith offering panoramic views, it’s a dramatic location for your vows.

  9. Black Balsam Knob: Known for its open grassy summits and 360-degree views, it’s a hiker’s dream elopement spot.

  10. Max Patch: This bald mountain offers wide-open spaces and stunning vistas.

  11. Paint Rock Farms: A rustic venue with rolling hills and charming farm settings.

  12. Asheville Airbnbs: For a cozy and personalized setting, consider one of the many charming Airbnbs in the area.

  13. Looking Glass Falls: A beautiful waterfall that provides a magical backdrop for your ceremony.

  14. Buck Spring Gap: A secluded spot with historical significance and stunning views.

  15. Pretty Place: A chapel with an unbeatable view of the mountains, offering a truly spiritual experience.

Make Your Elopement in Asheville Unforgettable

There are endless places to elope here in Western North Carolina, and we’ve got some great ones up our sleeve if you need location ideas for your elopement day. If you’ve been looking for an elopement photographer for your special day, I highly recommend booking with Deanna Becraft Photography. We ensure every precious, detailed moment is captured for you and your spouse. You only have one chance to make your wedding day memorable, and you want to remember these moments forever.

Interested in learning more about my elopement photography services? Book a discovery call.

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